María Botón-Fernández, Miguel A. Vega-Rodríguez, Francisco Prieto Castrillo

Publicación JCR

Parallel Computing, Volume 40, Issue 8, Elsevier Science, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2014
pp. 345-361, ISSN: 0167-8191
(Impact factor = 1.890 in 2013, Q1)


Over the last few years, the adaptation ability has become an essential characteristic for grid applications due to the fact that it allows applications to face the dynamic and changing nature of grid systems. This adaptive capability is applied within different grid processes such as resource monitoring, resource discovery, or resource selection. In this regard, the present approach provides a self-adaptive ability to grid applications, focusing on enhancing the resources selection process. This contribution proposes an Efficient Resources Selection model to determine the resources that best fit the application requirements. Hence, the model guides applications during their execution without modifying or controlling grid resources. Within the evaluation phase, the experiments were carried out in a real European grid infrastructure. Finally, the results show that not only a self-adaptive ability is provided by the model but also a reduction in the applications’ execution time and an improvement in the successfully completed tasks rate are accomplished.