Miguel A. Díaz-Corchero, Miguel A. Vega-Rodríguez, Abel Paz


EGI Community Forum, 2015
Lugar: Lisboa, Portugal
Fecha: 18 al 22 de mayo de 2014
Tipo: Póster


Since some years ago cloud computing has been increasing notably its presence in the IT world. One reason of the success is the wide range of possibilities to configure a cloud infrastructure attending different user needs. Public, hybrid or private clouds could be configured attending the location of the users; heterogeneous hardware levels could be applied to offer different levels of QoS; hypervisor choice could be also an essential factor to have in account; and even one or multiple data centers could composed a cloud infrastructure. On the other hand and before the implementation of the cloud infrastructure design, it is necessary an estimation of such design. This estimation should be based on several topics such as: overall costs, energy efficiency, scheduling, network performance, and so on; in order to calculate the viability of the cloud infrastructure design.

In order to help cloud administrators with the decision making to design a cloud infrastructure, a set of cloud simulators is available to simulate different scenarios. In this work, we have installed the most extended tools to simulate a real scenario and so present a detailed simulators comparison based on: ease, flexibility, usability, accuracy and performance. The results of this work show a comparison to help with the decision making to choose the best simulator considering specific scenarios and purposes.