Miguel A. Díaz-Corchero, Abel Paz, Miguel A. Vega-Rodríguez


EGI Community Forum, 2014
Lugar: Helsinki, Finlandia
Fecha: 19 al 21 de mayo de 2014
Tipo: Póster


Cloud Computing as IAAS (Infrastructure as a Service) has gained a rapid acceptance in the IT world producing implantations of clouds inside data centers. These large cloud infrastructures, consume large amounts of electrical energy, contributing to high carbon footprints to the environment. In addition, users expect the best reliability and availability of the cloud services when their business are depending on those services. Our experiments analyze the influence of the Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (hereinafter ACPI) module, the boot costs of a node configured with the different ACPI sleep status, virtual machine migration costs and comparisons among the different alternatives explained in this poster (without threshold, with one threshold and with two thresholds). The result is the development of a set of daemons which minimizes the energy consumption, and also achieves the efficient processing and utilization of a cloud infrastructure.