José M. Franco Valiente, César Suárez Ortega, Manuel Rubio del Solar, Guillermo Díaz Herrero, Raúl Ramos Pollán, Miguel A. Guevara López, Naimy González de Posada, Daniel Moura, Isabel Ramos, Joana Loureiro


15th International Conference on Experimental Mechanics, ICEM15
Lugar: Porto, Portugal
Fecha: 22-27 July 2012
Tipo: presentación


This paper introduces the “Mammography Image Workstation for Analysis and Diagnosis” (MIWAD), a novel software suite for processing, analysing and diagnosing mammography images. Main functionalities and components of MIWAD are also presented. Finally, this paper describes the use of MIWAD in the design and validation of breast cancer computer- aided diagnosis (CAD) methods.