Miguel A. Guevara López, Naimy González de Posada, Daniel C. Moura, Raúl Ramos Pollán, José M. Franco Valiente, César Suárez Ortega, Manuel R. del Solar, Guillermo Díaz Herrero, Isabel M.A. Pereira Ramos, Joana Pinheiro Loureiro, Teresa Cardoso Fernandes, Bruno M. Ferreira de Araújo.


15th International Conference on Experimental Mechanics, ICEM15
Lugar: Porto, Portugal
Fecha: 22-27 July 2012
Tipo: presentación


This paper outlines the first Portuguese “Breast Cancer Digital Repository” (BCDR-FMR), a comprehensive annotated repository including digital content (digitized film mammography images) and associated metadata (clinical history, segmented lesions BI-RADS classified, image-based descriptors, biopsy proven, etc.). BCDR-FMR establish a novel reference to develop breast cancer computer-aided detection / diagnosis methods and for training medical students, formed physicians and other medical-related professionals.