Antonio Calanducci, Francisco Prieto Castrillo, Raúl Ramos Pollán, Manuel Rubio del Solar

Medio de Publicación

Congreso: ADVCOMP
Año: 2009
Tipo de publicación: Oral


In this work we present gLibrary/DRI, a Grid based multirepository environment designed to ease the deployment and hosting of repositories on top of Grid e Infraestructures. Grid environment presents several facilities that are worthy for digital repositories. The most important ones are strong security contexts, the data federation, the information sharing and the availability of large computing and storage capacity. The gLibrary/DRI platforms offers to arbitrary repositories default implementations for the storage system and node navigation, algorithm launching mechanisms and easy integration with viewer tools for representing the content of the repositories. In particular, we present two examples (1) for hosting a Mammograms archive having several features that help clinicians to make diagnosis through easy inspection of the repository contents (2) for driving and hosting scientific production for non linear dynamics problems formulated as phase spaces.