Francisco Prieto Castrillo, María Botón Fernández, Raúl Ramos Pollán 

Medio de Publicación

Congreso: EELA2, Bogotá (Colombia)
Año: 25-27 Febrero 2009
Tipo de publicación: Oral


This work describes the porting to the GRID of a parametric exploration of a dynamical system described by a set of Ordinary Differential Equations. As a case study, the nonlinear oscillations of a forced pendulum are computed through numerical integration for different values of frequency and damping. The implementation has been designed to embrace a large number of applications ranging from physical and biological to dynamical systems in general. In the proposed procedure GRID jobs are executed for all the possible parameter values read from a configuration file. Navigation over results is also specified through a configuration file deciding which orbits will be retrieved for analysis. Once every job has been successfully executed, the orbits are stored in the GRID Storage Element. Simultaneously, the corresponding Logical File Names (LFN) are stored in the GRID federated database AMGA for a later retrieval. This procedure takes advantage of the GRID infrastructure to perform the computational and collaborative research tasks of a typical nonlinear dynamic analysis.